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We Are

The sea chooses the best, rewarding energy, skill and commitment.At Seafishtrade, we have brought together like-minded people and experts who are passionate about the sea and who understand the industry inside out. From catching and processing to trade and logistics, over the years, we have built up a wealth of unrivalled knowledge and expertise.

When you work with something as unpredictable as the sea you need to be a team. Together with our partners, we work as one integrated team of experts. We value all our clients and work hard to adapt our business to meet their specific needs. We are proud to have earned a reputation for being flexible, prompt and always on time with our deliveries.

The sea gives to us and we pass on its bounty to an ever-expanding market.We are focused on helping our clients develop their business so they can reach even more customers with quality, nutritious fish that is also delicious and affordable. And, our respect for the sea and its natural riches means we work hard to keep it clean and plentiful for future generations.

We Do

Efficiency is everything

Seafishtrade’s main business is delivering fresh-frozen fish from our partners to our clients in the most efficient way possible. The annual volume of products we sell worldwide exceeds 200,000 metric tonnes. Our main markets are Europe, West Africa and China but we are always open to further expansion in new markets.

Our products are harvested in the most abundant fishing areas, primarily the Atlantic Ocean. Our partners’ vessels are fitted with the latest fishing and processing equipment.

We carefully control all stages of processing and transportation to guarantee the quality of each delivery. Our clients rely on us for consistent quality and efficiency at all times and we enjoy many long-term relationships as a result.


United we achieve our goals

Being a true professional in this business means having the experience to know how to achieve our goals. The Seafishtrade team consists of professionals who are experienced in a wide variety of fields including fisheries management, fish processing, logistics, sales and financial planning.

Like the weather in the Atlantic, the fishing industry does not stand still. To be the first to catch any changes, we regularly visit our fishing grounds and sales regions to inspect suppliers and keep our technology functioning at its very best. We are constantly assessing and developing our business methods, procedures and logistics to meet the needs of our clients and their customers.


In the beginning…
Our business began when Yury Zolotnitsky, our company founder, received a batch of fresh-frozen herring from Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet Base (ABTF). Demand for the product was huge and the deal was so successful that he decided to develop the business. We soon became one of the preferred purchasing agents of ABTF, importing large quantities of herring from Russia to Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine.
New experience, qualitative growth
In 1999, we acquired our first Atlantic-333 fishing trawler and started independent fishing. By 2005 our fleet consisted of eight vessels: four fishing trawlers, three refrigerators and a crab fishing boat. We fished in the Irminger Sea off the coast of Iceland, in the harsh waters of the Barents and Norwegian seas, and in the seas off the coasts of Mauritania, Morocco, Guinea Bissau and Angola. Our supplies were sent directly to Europe, the USA, West Africa and China. There followed ten years of large-scale growth, giving our company invaluable trading experience.
Big business
2010 was a year of large-scale change for us. Having decided to specialise exclusively in fish trading, we reorganised the company under our new Seafishtrade brand and focused on sourcing the products in Mauritania, Morocco and Angola. Our cumulative experience and established ties have given us a distinct advantage. Understanding all the various stages of production, and taking advantage of the direct contacts we have established with large producers in Russia and Europe, we have built a wide supply network with West and Central Africa. Today, our partner network continues to evolve and expand.
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